Advocacy Efforts

State & Local

Senate Bill 90

Senate Bill 90 (SB 90) of the 2018 Session was a bill brought by Senator Jim White (R-Huron) and Representative Timothy Johns (R-Lead) to revise certain provisions regarding the payment of taxes and fees before transferring title of mobile homes or manufactured homes. SB 90 is intended to treat manufactured homes in the same manor as their stick built counterparts as it relates to tax collection when the home is sold. SDMHA testified in support of the bill which made its way through the legislative process and was signed into law on March 26, 2018.

House Bill 1147

House Bill 1147 (HB 1147) brought in 2018 by Representative Lust (R-Rapid City) and Senator Kolbeck (R-Sioux Falls) was a bill to revise certain provisions concerning property tax collections, delinquent property taxes, tax certificates, and tax deeds. This lengthy 59 page bill was a two year effort by a committee of county treasurers, The Department of Revenue and the Legislative Research Council to amend and update five chapters of the SD codified law dealing with the tax sales certificates and tax deeds. SDMHA was supportive of HB 1147 which was signed into law on March 5, 2018.


The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) is our watchdog at the national level. We work closely with MHI to ensure the industry is adequately represented at the federal level. Below is a list of industry issues MHI is working on in Washington DC. 

Improving the Supply of Manufactured Housing Finance

MHI is making manufactured housing a part of Administration and Congressional discussions about improving access to credit for affordable housing. MHI is building support for and advancing its legislative and regulatory priorities, which include clarifying and modifying CFPB financing rules, requiring the Government Sponsored Enterprises to support chattel lending and improving FHA mortgage insurance programs for manufactured housing.

Presesrving an Effective Regulatory Structure

MHI is focused on ensuring that regulatory initiatives undertaken by the Office of Manufactured Housing Programs foster uniformity, ease of compliance, and minimize discrepancies and overlap with state and local codes. This includes revisiting and revising HUD’s on-site completion rule, ensuring HUD’s installation guidance memos are in line with regulatory parameters, and encouraging HUD to exercise preemption when local regulatory construction standards and zoning policies adversely impact manufactured housing, communities and the supply of affordable homes.

Energy Efficient New Home Tax Credit

MHI is working to ensure that the energy tax credit is extended and also seeking opportunities to increase the tax credit. In addition, MHI is advocating for HUD to retain regulatory authority over manufactured housing standards and working with the Department of Energy to ensure that energy standards are clear and appropriately balance efficiency with affordability.